VW  ::  Passat


In 2009 Volkswagen of North America had a very tall order to move beyond niche status and become a mainstream player again with the goal of tripling sales by 2018. The brand sought to build desire among a wider audience of new buyers without losing the brand’s distinction. 

The problem was that Volkswagen was stuck in the middle and their associations were rooted in the past. The brand was so much more than just a Beetle company. But current models weren’t as reliable or affordable as the Toyotas or Hondas, etc. And the brand didn’t have the prestige and quality of its German counterparts like BMW and Audi. Although VW was still somewhat of a beloved brand in the US, that affinity did not translate to sales. 



The opportunity was to make Volkswagen a “step up” from the Asian brands not a lesser choice than other German nameplates. We set out to bring better cars to a mainstream audience. We needed to bring this desire to the forefront and put the brand back into public consciousness.

We introduced a completely new strategy that would elevate the brand and tap into a sense of purpose and mission that had long been lost – the shared and resonant belief that “Everyone Deserves a Better Car”. This was brought to life by: “The Power of German Engineering”, with simple human stories and a promise of more fulfilling lives. This enduring consistent effort featured endearing approaches like the “Star Wars Mini Darth Vader” ad, which became the most shared Super Bowl commercial in history and earned a reported 6.8 billion impressions worldwide and more than $100 million in earned media. This campaign helped drive the brand to the best market share stateside in 30 years. 



Tarté Yogurt  ::  Brand & Strategy Repositioning

Tarté Asian Yogurt asked us to reposition and rebrand their product for mainstream adoption. The brand had key liabilities holding them back. The name Tarté implied sour, a key category deficit. And Asian Yogurt was limiting in appeal in a market being increasingly fragmented by country of origin as opposed to product difference, Greek, Aussie, Icelandic, Asian, etc.

Shift product message focus from Asian Yogurt to Lightly Caramelized Yogurt. Tarté has a unique recipe that involves caramelizing milk before culturing with small amounts of sugar in a process similar to Dulce de Leche. This brings out the sweetness and a hint of indulgent flavor, without needing a lot of added sugar. Leverage Tarté’s multicultural roots – widening appeal and intrigue for the product, i.e.; delicious French recipe, unique Vietnamese caramelizing process and Southern California health-conscious ingredients.

Leverage brand name ‘Tarté’ as a lifestyle statement that intimates the sensibilities of its customers not the product. In this context, Tarté no longer means sour, or unkind, but rather provocatively implies a ‘tasty treat,’ or a ‘sexy woman.’ Our new take on the Tarté imagery captures this unabashedly, confident, sexy, health conscious, Southern California image. 

Strategy & Branding Overview

Package Re-design

We designed Tarté Yogurt’s new package by creating original hand water-colored artwork for each flavor. Each circular logo was designed to appeal to their audience; a music-loving, Coachella-attending, health-conscious, globally-aware badass individual. We wanted fans to see the logo as a cool piece of art and design, something they would want to tout on a t-shirt or hat, expressing their love for the brand.