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The Distraction of Data: How Brand Research Misses The Real Reasons Why People Buy

In the latest in his series on neuroscience and marketing, Douglas Van Praet discusses why traditional research on “brand awareness” misses what really drives a buy, and the power of positive and negative associations in moving markets.


The End Of Rational Vs. Emotional: How Both Logic And Feeling Play Key Roles In Marketing And Decision Making

Douglas Van Praet argues that while decision making is governed by our emotions, brands should still provide people with a logical lifeline (but they should steer clear of research that lets the post-rationalizing tail wag the emotional dog).


The Myth of Marketing: How Research Reaches For The Heart But Only Connects With The Head

Douglas Van Praet discusses the importance of emotion in decision making (and everything else) and how his agency’s blockbuster “The Force” may not have made it through the traditional research process.


We’re Marketers, Not Soldiers: How Combative Competition Is Killing Creativity

Douglas Van Praet argues marketers should focus less on conquest and more on unleashing the imagination of creators and customers.


I’m Not Your Consumer: How Research Misses The Human Behind The Demographic

Deutsch’s Douglas Van Praet discusses how focus-group feedback, and the whole notion of the consumer, are misguided and how research should focus on understanding the unconscious and improving human lives.


Research—You’re Doing It Wrong. How Uncovering The Unconscious Is Key To Creativity

If you think consumers are telling you what they want in traditional research, you’re wrong. Deutsch’s Douglas Van Praet argues that marketers must look to unconscious behavior for real creative breakthroughs.



The Paradox of Information: More Data Is Making Us Dumber

Your smartphone might actually be making you stupid.


Is The Internet Making Us Racist?

New research reveals a surprising consequence of life online.


Why Image Is Everything

Recent research reveals that image and emotion beat fact and logic.


How Marketers Manipulate You Into Becoming Their Friend

Shocking research reveals why you like people (and companies) that deceive you.


Why Feelings Will Always Beat Facts

New research reveals what really influences us (and it's not what we think).


Empathy is Not a Choice

Why we shouldn’t blame Millennials for being selfish.


How Your Brain Forces You to Watch Ads

…and how you can learn to ignore them.


Why Email Is Only 7 Percent as Effective as Talking

... and 4 ways to make it better.


An Open Letter to Advertisers — We Are Not Your “Consumers”

Consumers are not in control. Advertising is out of control.


7 Unconscious Errors We Make When Buying Brands

Our purchase decisions can be highly irrational and costly.


How Advertising Infects Your Children’s Minds (And Yours)

Contagious ad memes will spread unless you become aware of what drives them.


How We Convince Ourselves To Buy Products We Don't Need

Are You Unconsciously Seeking Permission To Spend More Money On Brand New Stuff?


The Most Powerful Weapon Of Influence In Human History

How To Gain Back Control Of Your Decisions And Your Future.


How the Media Manipulates You Without Your Knowing

Unconscious tactics guaranteed to win you over (and how you can use them too).


Unconscious Branding

Elucidating the unconscious mind helps marketers help consumers.